Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Pollstar Live! Opening Night Reception

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Welcome Remarks

The Rule of Three: How C3’s Three Cs Changed the Way We Present Live Music

Moderated by: Ray Waddell, President, Media & Conferences, Oak View Group

Charles Attal, Founder, C3 Presents
Charlie Jones, Founder, C3 Presents
Charlie Walker, Founder, C3 Presents

10:30am- 11:00am
Rainmaker: NextGen

Intimate, candid Q&A with visionary executives that could have a profound impact on the live entertainment industry in the next decade.

Coffee Break

Women + The Road 3

What’s it like out there for the women who are making the strategic decisions and own the artistic vision to move the live business forward. For the third year in a row, Pollstar Live provides a platform for the industry’s best talent, both executive and artistic.

The Millisecond News Cycle

So Much World, So Little Time
International Track in association with Midem

John Lickrish, CEO, Flash Entertainment (Abu Dhabi)
Jackie Wilgar, SVP, Marketing, UK Europe and International Markets, Live Nation



A Conversation With Scott Stapp

Rainmaker: NextGen

Intimate, candid Q&A with visionary executives that could have a profound impact on the live entertainment industry in the next decade.

Coffee Break

Turning Sponsorships Into Immersive Experiences That Add Value

Learn how blue chip brands engage fans and add value to the live event experience while generating revenue quantifiably moving the needle.

Live 2030: The Cultural Technological and Biological Impact on the Concerts of the Future

Who will be touring 10 years from now, how will it be presented, how much are tickets, and how will they be delivered? All of these factors—culture, technology, and biology—will have an impact on the live experience in 2030. Today, live is enjoying a cultural tailwind as consumers—especially young consumers—value experience over “stuff.” Will that trend prevail? Tech will no doubt impact the concert experience with the advent of AR/VR as well as sound and visuals, not to mention ticketing and the entire transactional dynamic. Finally, biology will dictate that some artists will eventually fall out of the touring marketplace. Who will replace them and what is the future of artist discovery and development? We’ll examine the future of live from all angles as experts weigh in.

Eddie Clemens, Head of Tour Marketing, UTA
Marc Ruxin, CEO, Mixhalo

International Festivals: Balancing Emerging Markets vs. Mature Mainstays

For many years, the global festival marketplace was carved in stone, offering a consistent and productive global opportunity for agents to strategize international festival plays for clients well in advance, with few surprises and few risks. In the past decade, the international festival landscape has shifted dramatically, not only in terms of the evolution of mature festivals, but also with new events in established markets, and the development of emerging markets eager to jump into the festival business. Today, agents, managers, and event producers are faced with myriad choices and a more complicated scenario as they seek to strategically map global touring and maximize each festival play. Promoters, producers and agents from the global festival scene will provide an update on the world of global music festivals.

Laurie Kirby, Esq., Co-Founder, FestForums

John Giddings, Solo Music Agency
Leca Guimaraes, C3 Presents

Closing Keynote Panel
A Conversation with Nicki Minaj & Irving Azoff